Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Stuff

Hello, everyone! It has been awhile since I have written! I have been traveling and my computer blew up so I have been very busy and remiss in writing. I want to mention a few new things. First of all, Bisquick now makes a gluten-free version of their original Bisquick mix. I made biscuits and a coffee cake with it and they both turned out well. Before celiac, I was a religious user of Bisquick so this was very good news to me! I have only seen it at the 108th HyVee, but I know it will be showing up soon everywhere.

I don't think the Cheesecake Factory Gluten-free menu is ready yet......maybe this fall.

I have been sampling some other gluten-free menus and I have been pleasantly and happily surprised. The Bone Fish Grill has a delightful gluten-free menu. Many offerings and not just your typical...........don't order this with a bun nonsense. On their appetizer offerings, their edamame is beyond delicious! I could eat that stuff by the pound! Their fish items are very tasty and the staff is very captivating and extremely accommodating. And, it is not as expensive as you might think! It is a winner to me. And their creme brule makes me dance in happiness!!

Biaggis has quite a lovely gluten-free menu too! Lots of pasta dishes and their pizza was so good I had to use all my willpower not to gobble it all down like a pizza deprived crazy woman! They even have gluten-free bread for dipping..........what a concept, right? Very lovely options and again they were extremely accommodating and more than happy to make suggestions and speak with the chef...........that is all we really want, right?

Keep an eye out for HyVee Health Market bag sales. The store on 156th and Maple is now carrying Udi's cinnamon rolls.............they are excellent when heated and they even come with frosting! I have already raved on previously about how much I like Udi's muffins and pizza crust!

LaCasa has terrific gluten-free pizza and there is something very comforting about going back to places that never change and that is a good thing.

I must run, but will no longer take so long between posts.......enjoy the end of summer and keep stopping at those wonderful fruit and vegetable stands around town...........local produce.....the best!!!

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