Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wheatfields Did It Again & Other Notables

Well, Wheatfields hit a homerun again! With my curiosity peaked over the excellent gluten-free offerings I have tried so far, I of course had to try more. I chose the chocolate layer cake and let me tell you it was divine! Each moist and creamy layer oozed a rich chocolate texture and taste that had me swooning from the get-go! The richness of the fudgy chocolate cake and the gooey wonderment that was the buttercream frosting was a completely love rendering experience that I strongly recommend. Four layers of cake...........that is non-existent for the gluten-free bunch! And that amazing filling between each layer and chocolate frosting that beautifully finishes the cake............can you say cake love? I certainly can and will again very soon. Ron Popp, you are my hero and I am guessing that you will soon be a hero to many other cake deprived celiacs in Omaha.......hip, hip, hooray!

Cantina Laredo

Now this perky cantina in hip Midtown Crossing is one of my new favorites for Mexican fare. They have a very interesting and eclectic menu that features items that are marked with an icon if they are indeed gluten-free. I am going to start backwards with the dessert because I am a flan/custard/creme brulee freak. The flan is a velvety version of the standard with a little twist........suffice to say if you like orange liqueur, you will love this.......or even if you don't, you will love this! Each bite is inspiring.......inspiring you to take another spoonful!

Next let's talk about the guacamole. Can we talk?? They come to your table and make it in front of you. Now there has always been something charming to me about people making food in front of you.....maybe it is the fact that you know exactly what is in it......or maybe it just seems more personable and I do love live entertainment! But, whatever it is, it works here. The stuff makes you want to dance on your sombreo and sing romantic Spanish love songs....(to the guacamole of course)and all the while trying to figure out how to stop eating it so you have room for the infamous flan at the end of your evening.

Several of their gluten-free menu items have been tried and were both hits with me. The Camaron Pablano Asado is so richly rewarding and full of surprises. It teases the tastebuds with just the right combination of spices and layers of flavor that definitely shines from beginning to end. I asked the waiter what his favorite dish was on the menu and this was his recommendation. He was right....it is a winner and not the typical fare. The Brisket Tacos are amazing and alas, I order them way too often. They are presented on little delicate looking corn tortillas and loaded with the most tender, slow-cooked brisket and paired with sweet red onions that are still a little crisp. The combination is just short of awe inspiring. As far as gluten-free sides go their mango jicama slaw is a fresh and crisp sensation that is not to be missed. Ditto on the Barracho Beans. These guys seem to have their act together and know that great, fresh food and some flashy presentation thrown in for good measure are crowd pleasers.

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