Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Unglutenized World

Picture walk into any restaurant in food, family, or elegant and you order anything off the menu without giving it a thought! Sigh....OK, now come back to reality. Even though that is not close to happening, we do have more choices here in Omaha than we did a few years ago. Restaurants are getting more saavy and realize they need to fill a void for people with celiac. I read a statistic today that indicated that 97% of the people with celiac go undiagnosed! Considering the complications that can ensue that is extremely disturbing! So, we need to be more assertive in asking restaurants for their help. And of course we know that doctors need to be more concious of testing for celiac when their patients present with symptoms.

One restaurant in Omaha that is leading the way to gluten-free eating is Blue Planet on 63rd and Center. Now if it bothers you to order your own food you need to adjust your attitude because it is worth it. They do deliver your food to your table so there is that. The first time I went there with my sister I felt like I had gotten a free pass to Disneyland! We had choices and we had a lot of choices. Hamburgers......with real buns. Not tasteless, cardboard buns, but REAL buns! My personal favorite is the California burger. It has bacon, cheese and fresh avocado. The bun is similar to a wheat bun and it is simply fantastic! It tastes like real food......yes, REAL FOOD! They serve a sweet potato fry (it is actually baked and delicious) with a sprinkle of cinnamon.....devine! They have very unique choices for their gluten-free pizzas and they have some interesting rice bowls. And desserts........well they have macaroons that make you want to dance on your hat! Lovely mounds of a moist flavorful cookie that just happens to have the bottom dipped in chocolate! Sweet!! They also have different flavors of dessert bars and they are all moist and delicious. I love this place and you feel so "safe" gluten wise that it is a very enjoyable experience. It is very reasonably priced and you can get it to go too! If you don't live very close to the location......make the trip is so worth it! Check out their

I am waiting for some products to come from several mail order retailers. Stay tuned for some reviews. There are some really good products out there you just have to take the time to find them. Keep smiling, Linda

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