Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unglutenized Bliss!!

OK, fasten your seat belts because this is really good!! Yesterday I received an incredible box of wonderment from Everybody Eats. Oh be still my heart!! I felt like I was opening a Christmas present and what I found inside was just this side of heaven! Bruce and Pedro the owners of Everybody Eats, told me that their products were delicious and they were not wrong! Let's start with the cinnamon sticky buns.....I have lamented for two years now over the loss of that delicacy and had bid them a fond farewell. No longer! These buns are bursting with gooey sweetness, cinnamon lovliness and a delicate, buttery roll that makes you cry for your mama......I'm not kidding. I fear I could easily become addicted to them. I have tried other gluten-free cinnamon rolls and they can't begin to compare to these!! I don't know how they work their magic, but sign me up for more! Next we have their French Baguettes. Yes, you heard me....French Baguettes!!!! Again something else I had bid a fond farewell to after my diagnosis........and believe me I was particularly fond of baguettes. Well, can I just say that their baguettes are beyond all expectations! Oui, oui, magnifique!! I warmed it in the oven and it was crunchy on the outside and fluffy and wonderful on the inside........add butter and you have the most enjoyable experience.......oh my!! Can this really be true.........there are real bread products that exist that are gluten-free and just phenomenal?? Apparently so.

Next up is their multi-grain, high-fiber bread. Yep, kids multi-grain and high fiber.......something else that I gave up on. I sliced several nice slices of it this morning and made the most unbelieveable toast. It was fantastic! It tasted like a beautiful slice of gluten-laden bread to me. Just devine and so satisfying! Bruce, you were right about the tapioca-cheese loaf........I threw it out........blech!!! And now as if I hadn't eaten enough in the last 24 hours, I made myself a big, piled high sandwich with their deli rolls. Yes, deli rolls! All I can tell you is I enjoyed a REAL SANDWICH, with real bread. How do these two make such mystical bread products? I don't know and frankly I don't care....... I just want them to keep doing it! Oh, and also while I was opening the box of goodies last night I devoured one of their chocolate chip cookies in record time. Reminded me of the ones my Mother used to make which, of course I can no longer eat.

Bread - the staff of life, the bane of a celiac's existence. A constant reminder of what we miss and love and can't have. But, alas there is hope. And it is resides in a bakery in Brooklyn that makes most of the gluten-free bread products out there look like pastey, cardboard imitations. What else can I say......go to their website and order something........anything, just do it!! In the meantime I am going to figure out how to get a U-haul truck to Brooklyn and load up on this beyond belief food! Bruce and Pedro, you are outstanding and if I could I would hug you! Seriously, you have to order something now!! Happy eating, Linda

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