Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Innovative Hy-Vee Stores

Now you may or may not be aware of this, but Hy-Vee Stores are a celiac's best friend. Their Health Market dietitians and managers are extremely knowledgeable about gluten-free eating and they are more than eager to help you with suggestions and choices. What a refreshing change of pace to go to a store that actually caters to us! And here is something else.....if you ask them to carry a product that they don't have they will do everything in their power to get that gluten-free item for you. Imagine that happening at some of the stores you may frequent now.......probably not! And they have pages and pages on their website that you may print of all the gluten-free items that are mingled throughout the store. It is also always available at the Health Market if you don't feel like lugging it around. I have reviewed many items on this site that can only be purchased at a Hy-Vee store and I will continue to do so. I also will try and keep you apprised of new products they get in, specials and celiac support group functions that they have. I'm telling you........these guys have their act together in a big way!

March 24th,(Wednesday) the 108th & Fort HyVee will have a 15% off gluten-free sack sale! You fill a brown paper bag with gluten-free items and you get 15% off for that day only. (Only Health Market Dept. items.) Also at the 108th & Fort Hy-Vee on March 25th,(Thursday) from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM there will be a celiac disease support group meeting. You will have the opportunity to try new gluten-free items and discuss solutions to living with this disease. And of course it is free!! And don't forget we can start looking for gluten-free products from the heavenly
Olivia's Oven this summer. What a stroke of luck for us! Now as I recall last year I asked Bakers to start carrying a gluten-free product and they contacted me and told me that they could not help me with that. Now who do you think is going to get my hard earned money??? It is very heart warming to see that Hy-Vee recognizes the growing market of people that must or want to eat gluten-free and actually react positively. All I can say is YAY FOR HY-VEE!!

Alert for you readers......I am looking for recipes for gluten-free rye bread (or should I say "mock" rye bread). Please let me know if you have a good one! Thanks, Linda

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