Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mixed Bag

First a couple of announcements. If your are a fan on FB of Blue Planet Natural Grill they are running a trivia contest this week online. They are asking 10 questions about their amazing grill and then the first person with the correct answer wins a $10 gift certificate to BPNG. I believe they are already on Question #5 today, so get on their FB site and go for it!! And while you are at it, go there as fast as you can and have something (or maybe a couple of things) from their outstanding and inspiring grill. The awesomeness of BPNG is superior and oh so fulfilling!! Yay!
Blue Planet Natural Grill

The Council Bluffs Hy-Vee (next to the Mall of the Bluffs), is having a gluten-free bag sale on March 25th. Any gluten-free products you can get in a paper bag will be 10% off. Now, as I have eluded to recently, we need to support Hy-Vee stores since they are so eager to order new products for us and are sincerely interested in providing quality food for celiacs and actually everyone for that matter! Did you know that you can get nutrition counseling and educational services at Hy-Vee Health Markets? Who knew?? You can even get your cholesterol checked for a mere pittance (try that at your doctor's office). What a great service they are providing the people of Omaha, Council Bluffs and actually Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri!

Now this brings me to a subject that is near and dear to my heart. That is.......speaking out to stores and restaurants about getting QUALITY gluten-free products in their stores and restaurants. As consumers with a good deal of money to put back into the economy, retailers (be it restaurants or stores) need to recognize that more and more members of the population are turning to gluten-free eating for whatever reason, and therefore need to acknowledge that fact. We are a significant group of individuals and I for one have made it a practice not to spend my money in places that don't choose to recognize this growing number of consumers. We are more than worthy of the accommodations that are required for gluten-free living. Now this may seem unreasonable to some of are not in the habit of making yourself heard or speaking up for things that you believe in. But I bring for your consideration the idea that if you don't speak up they don't know what you want and if you do speak up and they still don't accommodate and dine is just that simple. At the very least speak out with your wallet and don't spend money at places that don't recognize your needs.

I am expecting another package of paradise from that outstanding GF bakery in Brooklyn:
Everybody Eats Of course the anticipation is again palpable and of course the review is to follow. I have asked several of the Hy-Vee stores in the area to carry some of their products and that would be an unbridled joy for me as a consumer and fan!! You may go on the Hy-Vee website, choose your store location, and request items from there as well.

Spring will be upon us soon and with that all the joys of outside living will again be a possibility! Make the best of your day and let me know if you come across something you would like me to mention or review. Cheers to you all, Linda

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