Friday, July 29, 2011

Jones Bros. Cupcake Heaven

Well, it finally happened..............Jones Bros. is making gluten-free cupcakes and the world is a much nicer place. BC (Before Celiac), my most favorite treat in the world was red velvet cupcakes. I think giving those up bothered me more than regular bread. But alas, my prayers were answered and Wednesday I finally got down to Jones Bros. and low and behold red velvet was the gluten-free cupcake of the day!!! I was so excited when I got them that I ate one the minute I got back in my car. Now understand I could have stayed at the lovely establishment and savored every bite, but I had to be somewhere and I could not be patient a moment longer. The cupcake is sublime.....delicious...satisfying.....and just downright awesome. I have no idea how they make them so rich and creamy with no hint of grainy flour or other annoying traits of some gluten-free baked goods. I would challenge anyone to take a taste test and I am guessing they could not tell the difference between a gluten-laden cupcake or a gluten-free cupcake if they were blindfolded...........what a wonderful treat and what a delightful gift for us gluten-less people. I was out on the West Coast last weekend and found a gluten-free bakery.....lets just say it was a disappointment and leave it at that. My hat is off to Jones Bros. and I can't wait to try another flavor.......probably this weekend. And just a caveat.......the gluten-free cupcakes freeze very well. And the boxes they give you the cupcakes in are spilling or rolling around....they just sit tight in their own little holder waiting to be savored and adored. They also can make their salads gluten-free...........could a lettuce wrap be next???? I don't know, but their phone number is now on my contact list on speed dial......don't delay....go there now and spoil yourself!! What a gift to Omaha!!!

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  1. So excited to find this blog! My kiddos are gluten free - one with Celiac and one with a wheat allergy and possible Celiac. My brother has Celiac and my mother and he are both gluten free and I have recently become gluten free to due to a suspect intollerance as well. I have failed to test positive, but still have problems with wheat, dairy and soy.