Saturday, August 13, 2011

Divine Cupcake Obsession

Rarely do I ever go back and review an establishment that I have already discussed on this blog, but this place deserved another visit.....yes, I am talking about Jones Bros. Cupcakes. I have had the occasion now to try their gluten-free red velvet, black & white, lemon, strawberry cream, and chocolate. I am having a difficult time deciding which one I like best, but here is my take on these paper-lined cups of wonderment. First the lemon........the delicate flavor of heavenly, light, fresh lemon is just perfection. It is not too tart, not too is just right! The flecks of lemon in the frosting are a brillant touch of citrus that lightly explodes in your mouth and tops these fluffy cakes to perfection. (How do they do it?) The black & white is a classy little cupcake that again, is impossible to believe that it does not contain odles of gluten! It is tender, it is tasty and the white frosting and sprinkles that crown these little gems is just a little top hat of joy! It makes me feel like dancing on my top hat! (If I had one) Now I spoke of the red velvet before so I won't be redundant.......suffice to say these are just amazing and rank high on my list!! Now on to what I think is my new favorite.....the strawberry cream. Oh my, what a wonderful surprise these are! The subtle flavor of strawberry is not at all overbearing and the combination of the cake and frosting are likely to send you into a fit of the vapors or at the very least make you swoon! My Mother used to make cupcakes like this and send them with me in my lunch for school. They had pastel frosting and were so full of richness but at the same time almost floated on air........that is what these strawberry cream gluten-free cupcakes do........they float into your mouth with no effort whatsover.....and they are beautiful to look at....if you can keep from eating them long enough to gaze at them. The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting taste like something my Mother made as well on a special occasion.....a big three layer chocolate cake. Rich and gooey and decadent as you can get. There is something so festive about a good cupcake....kind a like a little party in a cup. You don't have to make a huge calorie committment and I dare you to try one of these Jones Bros. Cupcakes and not smile while you are eating it. And I also dare you to walk into this establishment and not be happy just to be there.

Those of you that are familiar with the same old tired gluten-free baked goods that people are trying to convince us are good.......BUT we find that same gritty, coarse texture and that strange aftertaste that accompanies so many attempts at gluten-free baking......will also become obsessed and a true believer in these gluten-free darlings once you try them. We need more in our lives that make us smile and I guarantee you these will make you smile. My only problem is that I had to add another mile to my daily work-out to keep up with the cupcakes I am inhaling. I have brought several friends and family members to this place and they always say the same thing...."I am so glad we came here." You will be too!

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  1. Cuppycakes in Omaha does gluten free cupcakes and French macarons! They are AMAZING! My new fav!