Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's talk about gluten-free pizza!

OK, if you are not a newbie to the gluten-free life you know that pizza is not exactly high on the list of your favorite foods any longer. Gluten-free pizza is usually tasteless, doughy, and just plain blah! I think I have tried every frozen pizza dough out there and every time I get my hopes up, come home and create a masterpiece (only in my mind of course)I am always disappointed. I don't know, maybe I expect too much from a gluten-free pizza crust? There is a frozen pizza that some HyVee stores carry and it is not half bad. The crust is made out of cheese believe it or not and it already has sauce and toppings on it. A man in Iowa makes these and ships them to different HyVee stores. Now when I do buy one of these which is not very often, I always "doctor" it up with more toppings, gooey cheese, etc. My biggest complaint is that the pizza is extremely salty. I mean really salty and I definitely have a problem with too much sodium. But it is not bad in a pinch and of course it is totally gluten-free!

Now going out to a restaurant for a pizza, that is another story. I understand that Godfather's gluten-free pizza is not good. But I can tell you about one that is absolutely wonderful. Ryan's Bistro on about 176th and West Center Road has pizza that will make you swoon with enjoyment! They use a very thin crust and it is crispy, thin and delicious! Their different toppings are also wonderful and I highly recommend the BBQ, chicken, bacon, cheddar pizza. It is a small glimpse of heaven in an otherwise lack luster offering of gluten-free pizza. Now, I am going to try Pudgy's Pizza soon, and the pizza at Blue Planet is also great........more about the Blue Planet later. But I seem to be obsessed with the pizza at Ryan's Bistro....I crave it if I don't have it every so often. I think it has something to do with the fact that I went so long without pizza thinking I would rather not have any pizza than a bad one. Check it out and let me know what you think and if you have any pizza recommendations.

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